Business Succession and Transition Planning

The driving philosophy from business start-up to maturity is typically growth and accumulation of market share. To add to the complexity, the private self-motivated business owner spends years building a business and the business becomes them.

For this very reason, business continuity to the next generation or to a new ownership group unfortunately is the rare occurrence and not the norm.

Secure Planning Group advisors have the pre-requisites and organizational skills to assist in developing short, mid, and long term strategies that bridge multiple options that are present for each business.

Our goals are to establish trust and identify inherit internal communication barriers while working towards specific business life cycle events. Event completion will allow for a smoother transition to new ownership based on defined criteria, rather than a sudden need. In layman’s terms, nobody wants to sell a business at the bottom. ”The house needs to be in order!”

Business succession planning is a fee based consulting model. Contact our team of advisors today about the scope and breadth of the services offered.