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Trevin Panaia

Trevin Panaia

LPL Financial Advisor

Direct Dial:267-460-4230


Trevin Panaia launched his career in Financial Services in 2000 and quickly developed a flourishing practice focused on high, net worth individuals as well as small to medium sized businesses and their key executives.

He realized while working with his clients that college planning kept coming into the conversation. It had always been an important component of personal financial services. In 2009 with the down turn in the economy, a bright light was shed on the growing concerns of funding college tuitions. In order to address this issue, Trevin researched the scope of financial resources available and discovered that there was a great need for an in-depth program that would focus on maximizing college planning resources.

In 2010, Trevin founded F.A.C.T.S.Financial Aid Concepts and Tuitions Strategies, LLC to provide clients with knowledge about college planning as well as offering them sound financial advice through a program that maximizes the potential to meet the short term financial demands of education while continuing to focus on long term financial goals.

In September, 2016 Trevin partnered with Secure Planning Group to build his college planning practice while expanding his client base of high, net worth individuals, small to medium sized business and their key executives.

Trevin is a Qualifying Member of MDR (Million Dollar Round Table) and is currently matriculating at American College for ChFC® (Chartered Financial Consultant) designation.